5 Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you have a small space, but do not know how to efficiently use it? Tiny rooms can be difficult to work with especially if it is for bedrooms and living rooms which have big central pieces. You do not want your room to look suffocated but you also do not want to compromise on style. 

Small spaces work great for the small seating area, a reading corner, or a just a vanity space in the house too. But decorating such spaces beautifully can be mind-boggling. Do not worry We have all the tricks you need up your sleeve to level up your interior decoration skills.

Shorter the furniture, bigger the room 

Look at furniture which is less in height. The more the open view, the larger the room looks. A good illustration of this would be if you have a small dining space, a scaled-down dining table will make way for an unobstructed view, this makes space looks bigger. 

Smaller furniture takes up less space and makes you optimally use your space. If you are looking for furniture, look for minimalistic designs like a bed with less outer margins, or a table with tamed down corners. Saving some space in every furniture piece adds up in saving a lot of space. 

Small-sized, large storage furniture 

The key to keeping a small room looking clean and tiny is storage. Remember to take lots of pieces with storage, like cabinets. Cabinets are your best friends, cabinets which are smaller in size but have many storage compartments are great for small spaces. An almirah or wall cabinets with many sections are amazing. Lighter tones really maximise the space and create a great aesthetic in your room. 

White means wide 

Choosing Colours wisely goes a long way. Lighter shades especially white makes the room look bigger as well as brighter. A palette with whites and beige for example creates an optical illusion of the room being wider than it actually is. 

You can keep the walls lighter shades along with the furniture. If you do not want the room to become too mundane or monotonous, you can use the technique of contrast and keep the majority of the pieces in lighter shades are one-piece, preferably something large in a contrasting shade. 

Don't be messy

Do not overfill your room with many items. Clutter will make your room crowded and small. No one likes a room which feels suffocation. Try to keep the mess to a minimum. Remove unnecessary lamps and too many small items. Do not group too many pieces of furniture in one place, evenly spread out the furniture. 

Multipurpose furniture   

Buy smart furniture. Furniture which can be used for multiple things is great for space-saving. A storage bed is great, it has a large storage space which helps you in avoiding extra cabinets and furniture. 

A cabinet which has foldable table extensions works as a storage space and a study table. We even have storage sofas and tables with storage which are amazing for small living rooms. Try to buy as many of these types of furniture pieces. There are many more amazing multipurpose furniture pieces which will help you decorate your small space efficiently. 

Keep all the hacks we have given you in mind, and your home will be no less than in the house in those fancy catalogues. Remember small spaces do not have to mean difficult spaces to decorate or waste spaces. They can add the missing spark to the house and give you the style statement you always desired in your home. 


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