Embracing The Work From Home Culture

A strong internet connection and a mobile device is everything one needs nowadays to finish any work. From meetings to brainstorming sessions everything can be done virtually and there’s nothing an app or software can’t solve. Helping people save on travel time and cost, the ‘work-from-home culture’ has picked up like never before especially in the last 5-6 years.

Of course to keep one’s sanity one might need the occasional office banter and fresh air but that doesn’t mean one should disregard ‘work-from-home’ altogether, especially considering the different opportunities and solutions it offers.

Having said that, for any kind of structural change that alters our day-to-day routines a transformational change in our surrounding spaces is also required.

Look at the transformational change in office spaces nowadays (especially with start-ups), the average cubicle populated constrained office has now transformed into a more fluid and open-spaced one. The result of which has led to an increase in sharing of ideas, thoughts, breaking hierarchy and in general created a socially conducive positive work environment.

So how can one bring a similar environment at home, one that is productive yet not distracting?

 Set the mood

Often when one tries to work at home they easily get distracted, feel lazy and tend to procrastinate on the tasks. So setting the mood is key here. Whether it’s opening up a window for some air, adding some plants or simply decluttering your desk to let ideas flow.

Make the space

Confined spaces like a cubicle are a restriction to thoughts and more suited for mundane, mechanical tasks like data entry. For creative work or even for big major breakthrough ideas space is very important. Whether your home office space is compact or large, opening up the area can make a big difference. Another thing to keep in mind would also be the colour palette if you notice most office spaces have a balance between neutral and bright colours. Striking this balance can help make space seem larger while also ensuring the entry of natural light.

Nail down the essentials

Picking the right desk and a chair plays a very large role in making work-from-home productive. This might seem like an easy decision but failing to pay attention to this could affect your posture in the long run.

Apart from standard models that are found in traditional business offices, many office supply stores have adjustable chairs that are well suited for the home office.

What should one lookout for in such a chair? Adjustable armrests, backrest, height and tilt, and seat pan tilt.

Our tip: Look for ergonomic chairs & desks designed to suit and support your posture.
An ergonomic chair has adjustable parts that enhance maximum comfort during sitting and gives the correct support for your posture, weight and lumbar.

As for a desk, the ideal desk would be one that works best for your height while sitting, so that you don't strain your back, wrists or elbows while using it.

For people between 5 feet, 8 inches and 5 feet, 10 inches tall, the proper height is anything between 28 inches and 30 inches. Those who are shorter or taller than that height range may find it a little difficult working with such a height. So test out the ideal desk by sitting on a few and pick one that works best for your posture. Here’s what you can do while testing out your desk -  

  • Check whether your elbows are close enough to the body and the keyboard is around the hip level
  • Check whether tabletop is at or slightly below elbow height

Where should one look out for such a chair? Amardeep Designs India provides a variety of comfortable, chic and classic office chairs in India suitable for working from home. Not only do they supply office chairs but also great looking lounge chairs to add an element of warmth and comfort to your home office. Amardeep is known for manufacturing great designs for office chairs and other furniture in Mumbai, Bangalore and 10 other branches across India.

Attention to detail

Don’t forget plug points, stationery, storage units, water, enough artificial light and any other essentials you might need to stay productive and focused. If you can get soundproof walls, nothing like it. Not to forget a Do Not Disturb sign, if people at your home tend to distract you often.

Another way to avoid distractions like flickering your vision when someone walks in would be

blocking out this ‘visual noise’ with plants, bookcases or even your monitor.

Spruce it up!

Lastly, spruce up your desk to add that homely touch with a sense of professionalism –books, motivational quotes, photo frames or just a couple of plants and lamps!

Considering the current situation, working from home might become a reality sooner than we thought and we have also warmed up to the idea of it, so why not take this opportunity to set it up correctly and brace for a possible future!

Are you feeling tired after a long day at the office? Does your back and shoulders ache, because of working extra time?

Helping people save on travel time and cost, the ‘work-from-home culture’ has picked up like never before especially in the last 5-6 years.


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