Choosing the Right Tables For Your office

A desk is the power piece of any workspace. It sets the tone of your workspace and is central to your room, thus choosing the right table is vital. There are certain parameters you need to keep in mind when selecting a desk for your ergonomic work from home space. But keep in mind that not everything suits everyone. Choosing the table comes with a checklist and make sure you have all the essentials on your list.

Keep the numbers in mind 

You need to choose a table with clean cuts and look for the perfect measurement. A table with the right leg space, enough surface and the correct proportions to make it sturdy is absolutely important. Look for a table, with the right height in which your feet fit perfectly and you have enough space to move your legs.

Find the right space

When you are buying a table make sure you know where it is going to go. If it fits in the room and does not disrupt its surrounding then it’s the right table. If the table is in a well-lit area and the chair has enough space to move around are some of the things you should consider.

Adjustable tables are the new favourites

To avoid the hassle, you can also go for adjustable tables. Adjustable tables are one of the most popular choices for work from home desk choices. They are lightweight and easily portable. You can shift the table around easily. They are also very compact and do not take up much space. You can store them easily.

They are especially recommended for smaller rooms or workspaces. Another advantage to adjustable tables is that they are way cheaper than a hefty executive office desk, and if you are running on a budget then this is the right table for you.

Aesthetic matters

image of Office desk asthetics

Go for a formal colour desk, with a low tone. Colour has shown to affect the mood of people. Lighter shades especially pastels are associated with calm and happy moods. Coral, pastel grey are some of the top choices for desks at home. If you are going for a strong and bold workspace, mahogany or graphite are the best colours to go for.

What is not recommended is going with excessively loud colours like red or bright pink because they often create disturbance and might even negatively impact your mood.

Material is also important

Image of materials needed for table asthetics

Tabletops come in plenty of variants from a heavy mahogany wood top, to a sleek and smooth glass top. Keep in mind what suits work and the surrounding. If your table is for painting or any artwork, choosing a wood top isn't ideal, because it will be very prone to stains, on the other hand, glass tops are perfect for artsy work because they can be cleaned easily.

The same way a mahogany wood top is perfect for writing because of the grip and hold it provides with writing. Go through different materials and explore your options thoroughly.

Do not forget about the budget 

There are plenty of options in the market to choose from but do not get carried away, keep a strict budget in mind. Another thing that helps with this is keeping a buffer in your budget so that you are always on the better side and do not overspend.

Review and take feedback 

If you are purchasing the table online, go through reviews, especially the detailed ones, look at factors like durability and strength. These are important things to consider for a long-lasting piece of furniture. If you are purchasing the table from a store take feedback from previous customers if you can.