Established in 1992 with the commitment to create seating solutions that magically transform your spaces, Amardeep’s has become a renowned name in the business, today. Presently, we have a manufacturing unit in Roorkee,Uttarakhand pillared with high-quality engineering, precision designing and adept marketing across a gamut of verticals. Customer-oriented service, timely deliveries and innovative designs have resulted in Amardeep’s carving a niche for itself in industries like lifestyle, hospitality business, financial and educational institutions, to name a few.

With the introduction of new blood in the company, we have now ventured in an E-Commerce business to keep up with the times. We now want to use our years of experience & craftsmanship to offer high-quality furniture to our customers directly at their homes.


We adhere to strict guidelines which match international standards. We have an In-House Quality Lab which constantly checks raw material and finished products. A well equipped Quality Team has been assigned to every production process to ensure a memorable experience


We created our own Design Studio in our Factory. It consists of 8 designers, thinkers and believers. We have a culture in our factory that despises monotony. We rather truly cherish and encourage creativity and collaboration.

We believe in bringing together the skills, passion and expertise. Our Design process is inclusive. Designers work with our Karigars to test, prototype & manufacture furniture that celebrates the experience of coming together. 

Come, be a part of our joyous journey!

Founder’s Statement 

In a world of ever-changing perspectives, it is imperative to step out of traditionalism and embrace adaptation. Gone are the days of monotony and of spending ten or more hours a day in identical, one-dimensional cubicles. Now, we have evolved to welcome an age of vibrant and innovative thinking.

Constantly evolving our philosophy and perspective, we aim to cater to every need of our customers providing holistic, modern and innovative solutions for diverse furniture requirements. With over 2 decades of experience, optimal customer satisfaction and ever expanding ideologies, Amardeep’s welcomes you to a whole new world of furniture. 

Ami Shah and Deepak Shah


Amardeep has a strong team at the Factory capable to manufacture bespoke furniture. Our Karigars or Craftsmen have been and grown with us for more than a decade. We have a robust team situated in the 12 branches situated across India. Customer care and service team are equipped and well trained to cater to all the needs and requests of our esteemed clients.


“To provide novel, dynamic and exceptional end-to- end furniture solution services, ensuring premium quality products and optimal customer satisfaction.”


  • To obtain maximum customer satisfaction by providing high-quality product.
  • To pursue excellence in creativity, designing and quality, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques.
  • To work together towards the realization of the vision of our customers.