Best Work From Home Furniture

Are you too, following all the rules of pandemic and, currently, serving your official duties by working from home? Then, you will have to turn your ordinary makeshift office into something where you can feel comfortable and at peace. But how are you going to do so? Well, you can begin your endeavour by adding the best work from furniture in your room. Here, you can find a compilation of some of the best desks and chairs, which will suit your WFH ergonomics perfectly. So, without making any further ado let’s get started with it!  

Best Work from Home Desks

Elm by Amardeep Designs 

When talking about the best work from home desks in the market, the first name that comes to the mind is Elm. Manufactured with durable American Ashwood, the product comes with a natural wooden finish, which would submerge in almost any background or room setting.  

Moreover, owing to the excellent craftsmanship of the manufacturers, the model boasts a remarkable construction as well. Due to this reason, it can comfortably carry a decent load of weight without making any noises. To make it even more long-lasting, make sure to maintain it at least once in a while. 

The subtle yet heavy-duty home office desk comes with a length of 1050mm, a width of 550mm, and a height of 750mm. Hence, besides your laptop, you will also be able to keep your water bottle and a few other essentials on it as well. 

So, if you are thinking about creating a top-notch set-up of work from home furniture Mumbai, then make sure to add it on your list.

Salient Features 

  • Comes with a stunning design and eye-catching elegance 
  • Highly robust and durable 
  • Decent construction 
  • Ergonomic height 
  • Quite spacious 

Best Work from Home Chair

M Pixel 01 by Amardeep Designs 

Are you thinking about acquiring a chair that can help you to sit ergonomically in front of your home office table? Then, the M Pixel 01 should be the ideal choice for you. The product’s seat and backside have been made by using pure molded-PU foam, which offers a comfortable seating experience. 

There is a synchro multi-lock mechanism available in the chair, which can help you to tilt at your favourite position. You can operate it by using the mechanism knob that can be found under the seat of the model. 

Also, the overall durability of the chair is quite notable. So, you can toss and turn, as much as you want, on it. The seating section of M Pixel 01 has a measurement of 660mm of diameter. Therefore, it will be suitable for almost anyone and everyone. 

Salient Features 

  • Comes with three color choices 
  • Features the coveted synchro multi-lock mechanism
  • Can be tilted to a certain degree 
  • Durable yet comfortable 

Best Desk under INR 10,000

Sol by Amardeep Designs

Are you looking for a temporary and affordable solution for your work from home endeavour? Then, you can definitely add Sol to your list of home office furniture. The product comes with a measurement of 1200mm (L) x 600mm (B) x 750mm (H). Thus, it should be both spacious and offer a decent height for you. 

The understructure of the desk has been crafted with durable rectangular steel material. Therefore, it will not break or get damaged that easily. Furthermore, there are four different lamination options available with the desk. So, you can choose any one among them that suits your choice and room's design accurately.

Salient Features 

  • Robust construction 
  • Offers a decent amount of space 
  • Inexpensive yet efficient 
  • Different lamination choices 
  • Excellent height 

Best Chair under INR 10,000

Clasp 01 by Amardeep Designs

If you are considering buying a chair, which will fit perfectly with your setup of work from home furniture India, then Clasp 01 should be your go-to option. The product comes with an exquisite black matte finish that looks perfect in any scenario.

The Clasp 01 comes with a molded-PU seat, which has been reinforced with fabric for providing more comfort. Furthermore, the manufacturers have also added an ergonomic and well-cushioned lumbar support for more convenience. 

Further, even though being a chair under 10000, the product comes with a single-lock mechanism. Thus, with it, you can tilt the chair to a comfortable position and lock it with the knob. There is also a coat hanger available on it for added utility. 

Salient Features 

  • Comes with a spacious 660mm chrome base 
  • Adjustable armrest and seating position 
  • Molded PU seat for more comfort 

Importance of Ergonomics 

Creating a provisional office, to save yourself and your family from the deadly grasp of the pandemic, is definitely an excellent idea. In all honesty, many organizations are these days promoting the notion of WFH quite prominently. But how are you going to make an ergonomic office at your home? Well, in this aspect, only buying the best work from home furniture online isn’t going to help you out. Besides, you would also have to follow some tips to make your WFH experience as ergonomic as possible. Here are a few of them that can help you out in this aspect.

Keep Changing Your Posture 

Sitting in a chair, while maintaining the same posture for all day long, can affect the lower section of your spinal cord massively. Hence, to avert the long-term back and neck issues, you should always keep changing your overall posture. 

For instance, you may begin working while sitting straight up in your ergonomic chair. After working that way for a little bit, you can sit on a lounge chair and keep the laptop on your lap. You may also take a break from your work for a little bit and go on a walk to release the strain from your muscles.

Include a Rolled Towel 

Do you usually encounter the irritating back pain on a daily basis? Then, only acquiring a decent work from home chair isn't going to be enough for you. Besides, you would have to provide some form of support to your lumbar, especially when you are sitting.  

Now, you will not require a pillow or any other fancy item to accomplish this feat. Instead, you can simply roll a soft towel and put it down between your lower back and chair. This way, even if you do sit for quite a few hours, you wouldn’t feel even tinge of pain. 

Keep Your Feet Elevated

While sitting, you will usually do keep your legs folded a little bit, in one way or another. However, staying in this position for a prolonged period can affect your lower body’s blood circulation system. Hence, it would be better for you if you do put your feet at a higher position.     

Now, in this aspect, you can use your home chairs as well. For this, you will have to keep the chair in front of you and, then, elevate your feet at a 90⁰ angle. Make sure to move your legs back and forth for making things a little bit more comfortable. 

If your home office setup includes a reclining chair, then the whole situation will be even better for you!  

Keep Your Laptop at a Higher Place 

Frankly speaking, no matter how much you try, the laptops are not going to be ergonomically suitable in any way. Either the keyboard will be way too high, or the monitor will be too low. Hence, you will have to get a proper home office desk, which can help you to keep the laptop just below your eye level. 

If you are reading something on it, then you can simply pop it up by placing some books under it. Conversely, when you are typing a document on it, then we would suggest you to lower it again so that your hands can be at a 90⁰ position. 

Importance of Proper Posture

Putting up a proper posture while sitting can be a difficult job. However, if you can, anyhow, pull it off, then you will be able to avoid various health conditions positively. The following are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy by maintaining a decent posture. 

Reduces Back Pain 

During in his or her whole lifetime, a person is going to endure the infamous pain that affects their lower back section. However, maintaining a proper posture by sitting on ergonomic chairs for home can help you out in this aspect. Moreover, you may also do some exercises and stretches to avert the pain-related issues as well.

Lesser Headaches

Did you know that having a bad posture can also affect your spinal nerves and cause migraines? Well, medically speaking, it is absolutely correct. If you do sit on your chair for a prolonged period, then the nerves near your neck will get stiffed up. It, in turn, causes a headache. So, to improve your posture, make sure to add an ergonomic chair in your inventory! 

Enhanced Lung Capacity 

According to the doctors, sitting in a slouching position for a few hours can compress your lungs quite massively. It, in turn, can affect its capacity and cause