How The Furniture Sector Adapts During This Pandemic

How The Furniture Sector Adapts During This Pandemic
Don’t Sit This One Out

Converting our home into an office by morning, a gym in the evenings and a restaurant at nights has become a daily routine for us all. These transformations have been easy on some but hard on others because very few homes are intentionally designed to function as an all-purpose productive space, for most their home is just another place to eat, sleep and repeat!

Not like anyone anticipated a global lockdown but having witnessed one, people are likely to restructure their homes now to make it a more comfortable and functional place.
Especially for those who spend 80% of their days outdoors, adjusting to an indoor lifestyle can become a lot easier with the
right furniture.

Here’s what the furniture sector has to offer to transform even a nomadic lifestyle into a stationary one during these testing times -

1. The chair that literally has got your back
Working from home takes a huge toll on your posture because most people lounge on their sofas or their beds to complete their work. But when working from home becomes more than just a temporary reality ergonomic furniture comes to people’s rescue. Supporting your back and your productivity, these chairs and desks can relieve back pain and also help you follow workout routines that are trending on social media.

As per
Furniture Today’s strategic insights, office chairs and desks are high on priority for consumers looking to buy furniture for their homes during this time. Considering the uncertain nature of this lockdown and its ongoing extension, investing in office furniture is the need of the hour for your posture, back and long term productivity.

Google searches for
“desk chair,” “office chair” “ergonomic chairs” “office chairs in India” “office chairs in Mumbai” and other permutations of the chair you sit on while working have all seen a surge since “WFH” has become the new normal. Unsurprisingly a lot of companies are therefore running sales to incentivise people to buy this kind of furniture for their home office.

2. The flexible desk for your creative and analytical child
The 3-in-one
Edge Desk founded by Marc Rosenberg comes fully assembled, sets up in less than 30 seconds and folds flat to 7-Inches. It can be used as a desk, a chair and an easel making it not only a multi-purpose piece of furniture but also compact to store. Especially for your child who’s struggling hard to study at home, do his homework and or complete his art assignment this piece of furniture helps them multi-task efficiently without being lazy.

3. The portable sink that makes plumbing a handsfree task

In order to provide sinks that require no plumbing, an education furniture brand called Jonti-Craft has ramped up its production of portable sinks. These run hot, warm water, are available in sizes for children and adults and require no plumbing intervention making it extremely conducive during this pandemic.

4. The zoom-in feature to sneak a peek into your dream home

Other than just offering furniture and equipment that makes staying at home a lot easier furniture brands are going the extra mile with digital consultations. These allow
retailers to offer greater levels of customer service during a time like this and also add that human element. Through video conferencing, retailers can provide a personal shopper experience and
more customised recommendations to the buyer.

Since they can visually see the consumer's home, providing recommendations based on colours, existing interiors, lighting etc. becomes a lot easier and even better than in-store recommendations.  They might not necessarily convert into immediate sales but surely helps in community and brand building.

Tips from Amardeep Designs to keep your furniture clean and sanitised -

  1. Every evening brush and clean frequently touched areas like tabletops, chair handles, pens, diary files, keyboards, mouse, mouse pad, tea & coffee dispensing machines etc.
  2. Occasionally (once a day) disinfect your living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture
  3. Keep a sanitiser near your work desk, kitchen and bedroom
  4. Sweep and dust your floors once a day at least.

Other than all these efforts that help make our life at home more comfortable, furniture brands are offering contactless delivery, general tips and tricks to keep your furniture clean and plenty of workouts that you can practise at home.

Stay tuned to
read more about how you can make your life at home more comfortable and more productive.